Tips & Thoughts

Why Hire A Personal Concierge?

A personal concierge used to be just perks you could expect from a luxury hotel and resort.  Today time strapped families are relying on our services to perform everyday tasks, including grocery shopping, runs to the dry cleaners, organization, and even to manage home improvement projects and staffing.  People have limited time, so if they can find a one stop shop service, then they are glad to have us as a resource.  They can spend their time on things that make more sense like being more focused when they are at work and not stressed about how they are going to complete all the little things.  

How much time, stress and gas would this example save you?

In less than two hours for a current client we dropped off their dry cleaning, mailed two packages, bought two children's books, returned a pair of pants to the Gap and picked up a bag of compost from the local nursery.

This example would take the average time strapped family more than a week to complete with new ‘to-do's' being added daily...Ugh!

Hiring a personal concierge for weekly services guarantees you peace of mind that those small tasks won't slip thru the cracks and you will be the envy of all your friends when they say "Gosh you so organized, how do you find the time?"  Well, that will be your little secret.