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Stop Wasting Your Time

“I moved to Austin a year ago to be near my only son and two grandchildren, I would have NEVER looked on line for a personal assistant-BUT my daughter in law would.  She narrowed it down to Debra and then set up an interview with me.
It took me 2 months to get around to calling her but I can tell you that was two wasted months!  I immediately felt comfortable with her. I had lived in Fort  Lauderdale for over 10 years and had to leave  all of my trusted accountants, and personal staff and was balking @ choosing new people here that I had no experience with.
I have now used Debra for a variety of tasks major and menial and she has never let me down. She is always on time, very intelligent and resourceful. As one example, my contractor and wife house sit for me and I had returned to Florida to get my personal affects ready to move.  I ended up staying almost a week longer than I had planned... so I called Debra and asked her to go over to my house—go through the mail—and see if I had any bills that needed to be paid.
She PAID the bills out of her own account and just billed me.  She has also referred me to other people when I ask something or she sees I have a need for it.  Like a friend who works in Medicare and answered EVERY question that I had and recently to a new fashion consultant that I needed.
She is the type of person that I like having for friends as well as employees.  She is pleasant, funny, professional and a person of integrity.  Thank my daughter in law but take my recommendation to heart. Oh, she ended up working for my daughter in law as well.”

Jacque M.
Austin, Texas