Hope Food Pantry

Help Bailey Solutions and the Hope Food Pantry alleviate hunger.
The Hope Food Pantry is 100% volunteer staffed and donation funded non-profit organization. 
We at Bailey Solutions take an active role in supporting the food pantry and you can to. 
Please ask us for more details or visit the pantry website to make a monetary donation.


Texas Round Up

The Texas Round Up has happened for 2008.  Congratulations to all the participants and we look forward to seeing you again in 2009!

Please join Bailey Solutions in volunteering for fitness at the Texas Round Up 10k & 5k.
The 2008 Texas Round-Up 10K, 5K, and Family Mile will be held on April 26, 2008 in downtown Austin.
Bailey Solutions is donating their expertise in event management to help Governor Rick Perry's mission to motivate and encourage Texans to become more active and incorporate healthy choices in their daily lives.

To volunteer follow this link

To register for the 10k or 5k follow this link

 If you are interested in partnering with Bailey Solutions please call (512) 751-6157.
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