To the Rescue
Personal Concierge Debra Bailey at Your Service

"I need one of these," Debra Bailey says, holding up a nondescript porcelain salt shaker. "Exactly one of these. Find me one of these."

It may seem trivial, but fulfilling such requests is what Debra excels at as principal of Bailey Solutions, Austin's elite personal concierge service. It doesn't matter how big or small, random or common, routine or infrequent the task, "Yes," Debra says, "is always in my vocabulary."

Time is money now more than ever, and because Bailey Solutions saves you time by freeing you up to do the things you want to do, it's a service you can't afford to not have. Bailey Solutions offers reasonably priced, timely solutions to the every needs of a diverse clientele, improving their quality of life, restoring their balance of work and play, and relieving their unnecessary stress.

Executives working overtime need a personal concierge to facilitate complex, high-level tasks. Stay-at-home moms busy with the kids need a personal concierge to wait on repairmen and help orchestrate the family's schedule. Entrepreneurs focused on getting their businesses off the ground need a personal concierge to coordinate their billing, dry cleaning, and groceries. Even grad students have used Debra for one-off jobs. Because while her focus is on project management, organization, and errands, she'll take on just about anything.

"After living in my new house for over a year and dreading every time I opened my garage door, due to it being filled with boxes and stuff, I finally called Debra at Bailey Solutions," says Emmy S., of Austin. "She was quick to respond and kind not to tease me about the wealth of my junk. In three hours we tackled the mess and donated a ton of stuff, so not only did I get my garage back, I gave back to the community."

When you think concierge, you think hotel lobby--an insider with infinite connections to the city you're visiting. Now concierge are everywhere. Shopping malls. Hospitals. Private companies. In 1998, there were only an estimated 50 personal concierge in the U.S., according to the International Concierge and Lifestyle Management Association, but now it's thought there are thousands around the world. These are professionals bound by industry standards, not glorified runners. Indeed, Debra Bailey is a partner in her clients' pursuit of success. "You want to work smarter," Debra says, "not harder."

The growth of the personal concierge industry is in part attributed to the proliferation of technology and social media, which have distracted us from the minutiae of everyday life. With a personal concierge, clients are assured the "routine"--keeping appointments, returning calls, general planning--doesn't fall through the cracks. "When you miss that ball," Debra says, "I'm there to catch it."

Because clients' needs can vary drastically, there is no template for how a personal concierge operates. But the best are self-starters who are flexible, resourceful, and solve problems quickly and effectively. Debra has exemplified these traits personally and professionally. She is a triathlete, by nature a disciplined time manager. She is also a veteran of the hotel industry, a business defined by taking care of people.

Debra founded Bailey Solutions four years ago, after twelve years with White Lodging, a leader in the ownership, development, and management of premium brand hotels. In her tenure with Marriott, she learned the business from the ground up. She graduated from the front desk to supervisor of housekeeping and dining, before becoming assistant general manager and finally general manager. She was also on the new-hotel-opening task force and taught leadership classes. "Everything I've done in my career has led me to this exact moment," Debra says.

Of course, a personal concierge is only as good as their network of service providers. There simply isn't enough time in the day to get it all done alone, plus certain tasks require particular technical knowledge. Debra is connected in Austin. She grew up here. She shaped her career here. She is an active member of the Austin Chamber of Commerce, Metropolitan Breakfast Club, and Impact Austin. She is also a proud member of Business Networking International, the world's largest referral organization.

When you enlist Bailey Solutions, you enlist not just Debra Bailey but a small army, every soldier with a specific skill set, each working for you, freeing you up to be more productive, more successful, more full of life. "It's about knowing the right people at the right time," Debra says. "The only phone number you need is mine."