Austin Concierge & Personal Assistant Services

nicehomeFeeling overwhelmed? How often have you said "if I only had more time in the day"?

Most of us never seem to find those extra moments. Bailey Solutions can give you back the quality of life you deserve so that you may enjoy the things that are important to you such as your family, friends, exercise, and spirituality.

Are you worried that important things or even everyday errands are slipping through the cracks?

Spend more time on what’s important and allow us to cater to your errands and organization needs.

Want to feel in control of your “to-do” list? Regain hours of productivity each day?  Our solutions will bring you the peace of mind leaving you feeling stress free, confident, energized and in control.

We can help you with everything from the most basic of errands like grocery shopping, completing your entire to-do list, waiting for the service repair company, planning your move from start to finish, planning an event or party, getting you organized in your new home and setting up your office and small business.

Bailey Solutions understands your time is valuable and we will utilize our vast resources to enable a solution that addresses your specific needs!

Since we specialize in professional personalized client services and solutions we have the experience and knowledge to achieve your goals and ensure your success.

Centrally located in beautiful Austin Texas, we are the solution you have been searching for!


Bailey Solutions

At Bailey Solutions we are dedicated to finding the expert solutions that meet all of your personal and business needs. We are a Professional Concierge with the experience to provide you with the excellence in service you demand. Whether you need a one time errand, recurring assistance, or are simply in need of a professional referral, we will we will stop at nothing to ensure your complete satisfaction.

About Bailey Solutions

Bailey Solutions LogoDebra Bailey, head of Bailey Solutions, is a native Austinite and like you leads a busy lifestyle, so you know she has insiders understanding of how important it is to optimize your time and efforts. From the day to day operations of Bailey Solutions to leading an active lifestyle doing triathlons, bicycle racing, ultra trail running and volunteering for various organizations in the community, Debra is always pursing the successful solution.

“Debra is a real go-getter and lets nothing stand in the way of her success”

We at Bailey Solutions understand your time is valuable and we rely on multiple talents to find a solution specifically for you or your team. Debra spent 12 years in the hotel industry and is used to finding solutions. From opening hotels from the ground up to running a multi-million dollar hotel she has become proficient in problem solving, organization and time management.

Be assured, whether your needs are simple or complex, Bailey Solutions has YOUR solution.

“Debra is accustomed to being successful and through her hotel career has won almost every prestigious award given by Marriott from manager of the year to hotel of the year. I could not think of a more qualified person to lead my team.”


Austin Chamber of Commerce
Metropolitan Business Club
Impact Austin
Hope Food Pantry
Hill Country Trail Runners
USA Triathlon Association
USA Cycling
Austin Flyers Women's Cycling Team

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We Have The Solutions To Your Personal Needs

At Bailey Solutions we offer multiple services to accommodate your life style and specific goals. Whether you need a personal assistant to help complete your everyday errands, a lifestyle or personal coach to help keep you on track, Bailey Solutions has the skill and knowledge to ensure your success. Any questions? Please feel free to call us at (512) 751-6157.

Some Of Our Services

  • Wait for repair or delivery person
  • Grocery shopping
  • Travel arrangements
  • Dry cleaning
  • Post office
  • Bank
  • Pharmacy
  • Office supplies & printing services-pick up & delivery
  • Refer you to a pet sitter/dog walker (we use them to)
  • Auto inspection, auto wash, auto oil change
  • Bridal and wedding emergency service
Projects & Tasks:
  • Home and office organization
  • Internet research
  • Event and meeting planning
  • Event management
  • Arrange and oversee your move
  • Travel arrangements
  • Basic graphic design
  • Obtaining bids and proposals
  • Referrals


Concierge & Time Manager Packages

Just Need A Hand: If you just can’t quite get to all the things on your list. This solution offers you the flexibility of 2 hours a week dedicated to any tasks you need assistance with. You can schedule this solution on as needed basis which offers you the opportunity to request help only when you require. Choose from the examples below or we can work together creating a customized plan specifically for you



N. E. T. : Never Enough Time? If that’s you then this is your solution. This is a fully customizable plan for those that need more than 5 hours every week. You will have your own personal concierge who will complete your chosen tasks every week. In addition your personal concierge is “on-call” for those always unseen emergencies.


I’m Knee Deep: Designed for those that need to get time back in their lives weekly. Schedule anywhere from 2 to 5 hours a week every week. See examples below for ideas of how we can help.



A La Cart : please call and let us customize services to your specific needs! We can tailor and mix and match any of our services or just use us for one important errand you need done fast.


What is a Concierge & Time Manager?:

We call this the “time machine”, as we reverse the clock and actually give you more time in your life. A concierge is your own personal coordinator to take care of most anything that you need. We will work with you one on one to teach you tips and techniques to become more efficient and productive or just simply complete your “to-do” list for you. From running basic errands to completing research for a project, if you wondering “Do they...?”, the answer is YES, or we happily refer you to someone who can help in order to find a solution for you.